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In need for help with Statistics (in English)?

The majority of the students rank statistics among the most difficult courses in their study program and it is widely considered to be one of the main obstacles for graduation. In our opinion that is totally unnecessary, as statistics is all about understanding the logic and getting enough practice. We think that when you are having trouble with statistics, this is mainly caused by the way it is explained, rather than your lack of capacity. We are convinced that the proper statistical guidance, clear explanation of your lecture sheets and enough practice all together will lead to the desired results. Therefore, we will make sure that when students have been to us, they completely understand the matter and have enough confidence to pass their Statistics exams!

How can we help you with Statistics?

Are you easily wandering from statistics because your regular classes are explained in a completely boring or incomprehensible way? Or do you need extra help with your exam preparation? During our tutoring we will explain the formulas and techniques in an easy way and provide clear and vivid examples, without any fuss. We will highlight the essentials step by step, and only proceed when you understand the previous steps completely. This way you will have a better overview and finally experience the feeling of really understanding what you’re doing! For more information go to individual statistics tutoring.



Heb je nu hulp nodig?

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