Help with SPSS or R

Do you have to hand in a SPSS or R assignment soon and are you stuck? Is SPSS a part of your statistics exam? Or do you need to do data analysis with R in your thesis? Both R and SPSS can be difficult and complex programs to work with, but with our help you will master any of the program faster than you would ever expect! We offer clear training in SPSS or R that will help you to develop the necessary skills to work with the program independently, and so successfully finish your own assignments or data analysis.

We offer 2 types of help: our SPSS workshops and our Individual SPSS help. Both will provide you with the necessary knowledge of SPSS, so you can do your own analyses. We give 3 different SPSS Workshops, each lasts three hours, that start at the basics and increase in difficulty as we proceed. Eventually all required techniques will be discussed and explained in detail, including the Chi-square test, T-tests, ANOVA and Regression Analysis. These workshops will also be held in small groups of 4-6 students.

Do you rather prefer a personal approach? Then our Individual SPSS help is totally aimed at your own statistical and SPSS needs. This could mean that we thoroughly explain the techniques you need in your assignments or research, or provide you with extra practice to increase your chances of success for exams. As soon as you understand well what you need to do, you can try to do your assignments yourself. After that, we will discuss the results and give you useful feedback until everything is completely clear to you. You will eventually realize that SPSS is a very useful and fun program to work with!

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